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October 21, 2014

Returning To The Big Screen!

The Greatest Science Fiction Film Of All Time: 2001: A Space Odyssey has been digitally remastered and will open November 28 in the UK at a British Film Institute film festival. Go back and watch the original 1977 version (or whatever version of the original you can find) of Star Wars. If you were around in 1977, you will recall that its special effects blew us away. Now they look cheezily obvious. Then go watch 2001 which was made before most of you were born: 1969 1968! It still works. It still takes your breath away when it jumps to Jupiter space. And at the end you still don't know WTF was going on*. That's good cinema!

Appropriately enough, they've brought the trailer up to the standards of 2014:

HAL is still so sorry he couldn't open that podbay door.

*it's just a lengthy attempt to direct blame away from the opposable thumb and put it on some "space aliens."

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Yes, 1968. I was working entirely from memory there.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Oct 22, 2014 8:34:31 AM

I remember '2001' when it first came out, and loved it!

Of course, I actually understood what was going on at the end, but I was an unusual 11 year old sci-fi fan...

Posted by: CharlieE at Oct 22, 2014 6:50:17 AM

Released in 1968 actually. I took my Grandfather to see it just before his death; his first movie in over 20 years. I always wondered if it was too much for his fragile heart...

Posted by: Darrel at Oct 21, 2014 7:31:07 PM

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