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August 15, 2014

Watch Burning Man Live

Livestreaming from a camera at Burning Man will commence on Saturday, August 23 at http://www.ustream.tv/burningman

Android app.

Apple app.

The Man will burn on Saturday the 30th (15 days, 13 hours and 6 minutes from now, as I write) when it is nominally scheduled to start at 9 PM, but what actually starts at 9 PM I don't know because I don't wear a watch to the Burn. They've got to bring the flame out from near Center Camp and the firedancers have to dance, and I think all that happens after 9. They should keep the stream flowing until after the Temple burns on Sunday night the 31st. That's scheduled for 8 PM this year.

The Temple burning last year.

The beginning (13 minutes) of the burning of the Man last year is here.

Maybe the best show for streaming (I'm just guessing because I don't watch the stream) would be the burning of the Circle Of Regional Effigies. That covers more acres than any other burn and will happen on Thursday night the 28th, probably starting at 9 PM, maybe earlier.

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