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August 19, 2014

No Stinkin' Dubstep DJs Needed

Some genius (named either Anita or Martin) has devised some software that will create endless dubstep with no repeats. It runs on a phone. A sample:

They've put this system with its phone into a box with a lot of speakers and they're bringing it to Burning Man. Ho hum, right? I wouldn't walk over to Playoffs for dubstep night. But here comes the real gee-whiz part: humans can interact with the system to step up the intensity of the music by turning a handcrank (like on a Model T) until it reaches a level the program considers sufficient for a drop, the red button lights up, you hit it and the drop. Here's a demonstration:

I hope you didn't fail to notice the unintended consequence. If this is on during daylight hours, Burners may feel compelled to put their head into the speakers to try to see if the red light has come on.

Their blog.

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