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August 16, 2014

Lovely Bombay Beach

Aerial view of Bombay Beach and the Salton Sea, Imperial County, California
Photo by Michael Rymer. Judging from the number of trees and the total lack of lawns, I'd guess water is very expensive in Bombay Beach.

If you'd like to see what a night in Bombay Beach is like, there's a place listed on Airbnb for $89/night.

A kitsch haven in what can only be described as the coolest, weirdest town in America. 5 blocks from the Salton Sea, on the desert side of Bombay. This former family home is complete with everything you might need for exploring the Salton Sea and Imperial Valley, Salvation Mountain and Slab City. The town, the house and the sea are a photographer's dream. This is a great base from which to explore eccentric nearby sites such as Salvation Mountain and Slab City.Made up of a square mile grid of paved streets, the majority of the residents live in eclectic mobile homes. There is a small corner market, 2 bars, bait shop, volunteer fire station, an unmarked motel, and the flooded ruins of a once prosperous fishing mecca.Without a gas station, and the nearest one 20 miles away, most people rely on electrical golf carts to get around town.

Note the need for a fisheye lens in order to produce that interior photograph.

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