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July 29, 2014

Video at the Tour de France

I didn't know until today that the Tour de France had changed its rules this year to permit action cameras mounted on bicycles. According to Gizmodo most of the on-bike cameras are the Shiman CM-1000 which is 40% lighter than a GoPro Hero3+. $289 at Amazon. Besides its lighter weight, it supports private wireless connections to Shimano receivers, which would be in the team cars...essential for bike racing.

Here's the best one, starting at the best part. This skips the first 51 seconds which includes the part where we see first hand what TdF riders do to stupid spectators who encroach on their route: quick, physical violence. The videographer apparently was wearing his camera on his helmet which he was holding out at arm's length. The camera went down onto the pavement and was picked up by Kevin Raza who rides with Team Europecar. He fumbled with it for a bit and then finally got it pointed at his massive legs, which we watch for quite a bit. Eventually it got handed off to a team car. I can't remember ever seeing video of the interior of a team car before. Not too interesting.

One minute of sped-up Stage 1 by Cannondale.

Stage 3 in London with famous landmarks.

On the pavé in Stage 5, with rain, of course.

And finally, this one isn't with an action cam, nor mounted on a bike, but it was shot by the guy who dropped his GoPro in that first video. This shows the very lead of the Tour going uphill. First you get motorcycles coming through to push crowd back in order to reduce the amount of fisticuffs in which the riders have to engage; then the lead riders for the stage; then the peloton; and finally the yellow jersey of the overall leader.

Bonus: the descent of Col D'Izoard, which was Stage 14 on this year's Tour, but this was shot on a training ride before the Tour...with a chest-mounted action cam. You will see when the view switches to the accompanying motorcyclist that the speed reaches 95 kph which is 60 MPH.

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