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July 12, 2014

The Verrückt Rules (some of them)

As seen in this photo from the Verrückt which comes from this Gizmodo article.

  • Two to three people per "boat." (I think it's nice they settled on a simple English word to describe the craft in which you plummet)
  • At least 54 inches tall.
  • Combined weight of everyone in one boat must be between 400 and 550 pounds. (Notice the weighing platform)
  • Do not attempt to slow down, stop or grab hold of anything on or near the ride. (Even so, I'm sure some day we will read of an act of self-amputation on this ride)
  • Water depth is 1 to 11 inches, but if you want a life jacket, you can have one.
Verrückt is a very aggressive ride with extreme accelerating and braking forces. It is only recommended for people in good physical and mental condition. It is a high-thrill ride that can be stressful to those who fear heights, high speed, or enclosed places. It requires great rider control, swimming skill and/or physical condition*. This ride is not recommended for expectant mothers, overweight persons, persons with a history of neck, back, joint or heart problems or any other physically limiting conditions. Look at the ride and decide if you can safely participate. You are the best judge of your limitations. Failure to follow these rules may result in injury to yourself or others.

*"Great rider control" means, I think, the willingness and ability to stay-the-fuck down when they tell you to stay down. I can follow directions. Not sure why "swimming skill" would get you on if you weren't also able to exercise rider control and weren't in great physical condition. How much swimming could you possibly do?

The article reports that it's about a two-hour wait to get up the 264 steps to the launch point. I guess if you chicken out decide to err on the side of caution at that point, you would walk down those same steps, past that long line of macho young men who are all there to show you that they would never chicken out decide to err on the side of caution. There's a photo in the Gizmodo article of a sign (with a spelling error) on the stairway announcing the point where you reach the 151-foot level, because that's how tall the Statue of Liberty is. There is also an amateur personal photo from the top looking down which is much more impressive than the professional photos I've seen. This thing looks vertical. The ride lasts 15 seconds.

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