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July 24, 2014

The Long Wait Is Over

Burning Man 2014 ticket
Or, the first long wait is over
. Now we wait until the last week of August and then we can wait on the entrance road.

Burning Man went with a new ticket vendor this year, Ticket Fly. Tickets were supposed to go out in mid-June, but they didn't actually start sending them until July. I've heard numerous reports of Burners who changed their address with Ticket Fly after buying tickets and well before tickets were mailed, but Ticket Fly overlooked that and used the old address. Worse, when tickets are returned to Ticket Fly for a bad address, they just sit on them. They say they don't know what to do.

I was disappointed there was no jawbreaker this year. Some people got jawbreakers, but not me. I'm hoping this is because somebody realized they could increase their productivity by X% if they eliminated the candies.

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