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July 29, 2014

Rock Island (and Moline)

Rock Island, Illinois, is considering hosting a large marijuana cultivation facility while neighboring Moline considers permitting a dispensary.

The Rock Island City Council approved the sale of the land with a 5-0 vote. And that's all they've done. The investors still have a lot of hoops to jump through before they can get their hands dirty. The facility will be 30,000 to 50,000 s.f. and create at least 30 jobs, they say.

Here is the proposed location:
8153 51st Street West Rock Island Illinois
You can see the city (in color) has done some gerrymandering with its boundaries

The city describes this as "difficult to get to." In California when they say that it means it's either so far up in the mountains that you will probably be shot as you try to make the slow ascent up the narrow, potholed road. Or it means it's so far out in the desert that you will die of thirst after your vehicle becomes trapped in that soft sand pit they craftily put right in the middle of the road. But in Rock Island "difficult to get to" means it's hard to get to if you have no vehicle, are unable to walk, and do not have access to a wheelchair. It's a little more than a mile on straight, flat roads from the loop highway that encircles the city. If you told me there was a bus stop there I wouldn't be too surprised.

The proposed site for a dispensary in Moline, OTOH, is at the very convenient SouthPark mall.

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