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July 31, 2014

"how to get social with GoPro"

I saw that headline and I thought, well good, the GoPro people are going to give some advice on how to avoid pissing people off by using your GoPro inappropriately in social settings.


It's about how to make videos that get a lot of attention on social media, which they refer to only as "social" in the linked video. I find that so annoying when the noun is dropped and the thing (whatever it is) is referred to only with the adjective. The more common example of this is "What's your social?" when what they mean is "What's your social security number." Another example I ran across was the use of "creative" to mean "creative materials," like banners and icons. That was in some messages from AIDS LifeCycle a few years ago. They seemed to think that all the riders worked in the advertising industry.

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