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July 31, 2014

DHS Planning Commission Approves Medical Marijuana Zoning

The Planning Commission approved a motion to restrict medical marijuana dispensaries to commercial zones along Pierson Boulevard between Mesquite and West, and along Palm Drive from 8th Street to Park Drive. This is intended to include all of the shopping centers at Two Bunch & Palm, regardless of whether their address is technically Two Bunch or Palm. A dispensary that cultivates in the same facility will be restricted to 99 plants.

Cultivation facilities, which can be as big as they want, must be in an industrial zone, which includes the energy zones.

The vote was 3-1 with Vice Chair Sobotta dissenting (Commissioner Parker was absent). Mr. Sobotta preferred allowing dispensaries in all commercial zones everywhere, with some point system that would encourage them to locate within the areas described above, or to require a CUP if they locate outside of the areas described above.

The Commission did not specify any distance requirements from schools, churches or parks; so the only distance requirement is 600 feet from schools, which is already in state law. The City Council may want to change that. Even though the agenda for next Tuesday's City Council meeting has already been published, Attorney Quintanilla said he would put out an addendum tonight that would add this to Tuesday's agenda.

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I was there tonight and every stone went turned! I wanted to share the response I received from Karen Devine. She apologized for what she had said and was sincere and very professional.
So, if we spot someone talking down DHS, call them on it! We're better than that.

Posted by: Mike Picardi at Jul 31, 2014 11:09:49 PM

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