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July 26, 2014

Bird (it can be so much more than just birds) Photo Booth

This is one of those new devices where the developer is so very excited to share with you his very exciting news about his exciting new device that he forgets to slow down and tell you  h-o-w  y-o-u  m-a-k-e  i-t  w-o-r-k. But I think I've got it figured out now. If you want to skip the explanation you can go buy the Bird Photo Booth (BPB) from Amazon right now for $119. But the makers of BPB will sell it to you for only $100 "for a limited time only."

For this you will need an iPhone 3, 4, or 5; or an iPod Touch 4th, or 5th generation; or a GoPro camera. They say "any" GoPro, but you do need Bluetooth or Wifi, so I would guess only Hero2 or Hero3.

Basically, you take your camera-device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or GoPro) and stick it in the Bird Photo Booth, which you have mounted beside your bird feeder, or next to your hummingbird nest, or (really) next to ANYthing that you want to take multiple macro photos of remotely. An ant nest? A sprouting flower? A rotting banana?

The BPB includes its own macro lens that your device shoots through. If you're using an iOS device, then you use existing third-party apps that allow you to use your device remotely as a camera. Using a GoPro seems simpler to me, but that may be just because I use a GoPro and not an iOS device. Turn on your GoPro, turn on the Wi-fi remote (which can either be the little GoPro remote or your own smart device - even an Android device). Then you can do all the things with your GoPro that you always can with the remote. Change modes. Shoot video or stills. They do suggest using the medium-angle setting. But the GoPro does not do motion detection. There is a 99¢ app for iOS that will do motion detection.

Here's a sample video from a GoPro with GoPro-appropriate grand heroic music:

Here are some sample still photos shot with an iPhone 4S. An iOS device, since it also a two-way audio device, can also be used to listen and talk to the subject of your photo.

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