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June 13, 2014

That Volkswagen Concept Is Weak

I mean the concept of using your VW as a GoPro mount. That was so early June 2014.

The new, better idea is an improved remote control device for your GoPro. Up to now you could use either the remote control bought from GoPro or a smartphone or tablet to run your GoPro and see what it sees in real time. The better idea for a remote control? An effin' BMW (or a not quite as effin' Mini). The process still involves an iPhone (they say nothing about Android), but the iPhone is mounted into the BMW's infotainment system "ConnectedDrive." It's been a little while since I sat in a new BMW, but I would guess that being plugged into the onboard system means you can control it with flicks of something on or near the steering wheel or by giving voice commands or perhaps by whistling Bavarian biergarten songs.

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