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June 5, 2014

Constitutional Right To Have Blighted Property

Brent Greer goes all 'Murican when Bradenton, Florida, code enforcement cites him for blight ,including visible mildew on the exterior of his home, having a live Christmas tree in his yard, children's toys in the yard and a broken window. In response Mr. Greer painted his house in an American flag theme. "It makes me extremely angry. You're coming to my property and telling me my appearance to my house, no safety issues or whatever, strictly cosmetic, doesn't meet the standard of some other elitist in this town, and I need to fix it…well that's crazy; this is America."

I'm curious about the problem with the live Christmas tree. Are you supposed to have only dead Christmas trees in your yard? Is there a rule saying lives ones must be inside the house?

I find it odd that at least twice the reporters refer to Mr. Greer as a "former military vet." He's a military vet. How does he become a former military vet? By rejoining the military?

On a totally positive note, there are no guns in this story.

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