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May 18, 2014

San Francisco Tech Slips Just A Teensy

Two news sources are reporting that at today's Bay To Breaker's footrace in San Francisco, a naked man got into the bison paddock and was attempting to harass the unflappable beasts. SFist posted a story at 2:50 PM. And below is confirmation from "SFPD RichmondStation" at 1:10 PM. BTW, "RichmondStation" refers to the Richmond Police station on 6th Avenue near Golden Gate Park.

The reason I am pointing out the times of these posts, is that as I write this all of the interwebs seem to have NO photos of the naked guy harassing the bison. In San Francisco! There are supposed to be over 100,000 participants in that race, so that means at least 150,000 phones in the area in addition to all the other information gathering apparatuses that would be floating around. Including drones. There must've been drones. But no pictures of "the bison incident."

How long must we wait?

UPDATE: Here we go. Two hours ago the San Francisco Chronicle shared this video. The perp was not really naked, but appears to have been wearing a fairly generous serape.

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