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May 7, 2014

Electric Police Motorcycles

Ceres, California, the "Southern Gateway To Modesto," has acquired three American-made electric motorcycles for their Police force courtesy of their local air quality district.

Top speed of 100 MPH. I had no idea what the top speed of a Police motorcycle might be, but Michigan State Police compared a BMW, two Harleys and a Victory. The BMW had the highest top speed of 128 MPH. The electric motorcycles have a range of 90 miles and take 7 hours to recharge. So, they're good for city work and sneaking up on drug dealers who are sneaking around on bicycles, and for creeping down alleys at night without disturbing innocent residents, but probably not the best for a lot of highway patrolling.

The cost of electricity for one recharge is estimated at 90¢. This linked article says the range is 120 miles and a recharge is only 4 hours.

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How cool...

Posted by: Ramiro Hernandez at Sep 30, 2014 12:11:10 PM

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