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April 13, 2014


Yesterday I journeyed over to the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard to see the Bugattis. There were no handouts, no audio tour, and the explanatory signs mounted on the walls were often very far from the cars. Plus, as far as I could see, the only label on a Bugatti is the Bugatti name and logo itself; no model names. So I gathered very little technical information, which was okay. It meant I could move around a lot more freely because I didn't need to be organized in my photo-taking. Just look, say "wow, and get some photos.

There were docent-led tours. I did not partake because I want to take photos and when the docent-led tour group gathers around a car you can't take very many photos. Nevertheless, I did gather one factoid that I overheard from one docent concerning the vehicle pictured below.

Bugatti (4427A)
Looks like a carbon-fiber shell.

He was naming some dollar figures that sounded way, way too high for any single vehicle. I thought maybe he was talking about original design costs or how much it cost for a half dozen cars. I drew nearer and heard him say that if you bought this car in Los Angeles County where the sales tax is 9% you'd pay more than $250,000 in sales tax. I leave it to you to do the arithmetic.

Fortunately, the museum is in Ventura County so this little number could be picked up at quite a savings!

Other photos will come eventually. I just wanted to get this factoid written down before I forgot it or thought it was just a dream.

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