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March 25, 2014

Graphing TV

IMDB ratings of individual episodes of Breaking Bad graphed. Other shows can be graphed too. The lowest rated episode on Breaking Bad was season3, episode 10 (8.1 stars) which is summarized like this on IMDB:

Walt is suffering from insomnia, worried about the choices he has made and the direction his life has taken. Unaware that Jesse has been skimming a bit of their product, he also worried that the numbers in his formulas don't add up and that they always seem to somewhere between 4 and 8 ounces short of what the batch should have produced. The meticulous Walt is also concerned - to the point of paranoia - when he discovers a housefly in the lab. Worried about contamination, he goes to extreme lengths to kill it. Jesse comes to his rescue in an interesting way.

Ounces? Did they ever measure their product using non-metric units?

The highest rated episode of Breaking Bad was season 5, episode 14 (a perfect 10). The plot summary:

Walt survives the gun battle in the desert but others do not. Jesse survives but Walt wants him dead and expects Todd's uncle Jack to go through with their deal. Something far worse is in store for Jesse and Walt takes the opportunity to tell him about Jane's death. Meanwhile Hank's wife Marie visits her sister Skyler at the car-wash to tell her Walt has been arrested. At Marie's insistence, Skyler tells Walt Jr. about his father's secret. By the time Skyler and Walt Jr. get home Walt is already there and wants them to pack and leave with him. He soon realizes it's all over and leaves, but takes baby Holly with him. With the police now involved, Walt makes one last phone call to Skyler.

Oh yeah, there may be spoilers here. Sorry.

The Sopranos. Boy, people did not like season 4!

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