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February 24, 2014

If This Were The Only Smartphone App, It Would Be Sufficient To Justify The Existence Smartphones

SteadyServ Techologies introduces the Keg Sensor app. All hail Keg Sensor!

The SteadyServ keg sensor collects and sends a host of information to users, including how much beer remains, the type and style of the beer in the keg, when it was delivered, when it was tapped, its age, and when the keg may run out. It sends this information to SteadyServ's cloud-based software, where it is paired with other information, such as how much safety stock remains, the next delivery date, previous order information, past consumption trends, event information, beer consumption trends nearby, and even local weather forecasts which may impact patronage trends.

A cross between Keg Sensor and some popular social apps could let you know how much someone who is within a certain radius has been drinking. I would call that app Beer Goggles.

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