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October 25, 2013

"You suck, sir."

A high school English instructor (in America?) shares brief interactions with his students. For instance, October 17, 2013:

Grade 11 Student: "Sir, if you didn't have cell phones when you were our age, how did you talk to friends on the phone, especially girls?"

Me: "We rarely talked too long on the phone back then because everyone's parents would answer the phone first. Plus, everyone had only one line to share with the whole family, so no one could hog the line."

Her: "That sounds horrible."

Me: "I just realized this is my generation's walked-barefoot-to-school-in-the-snow story."

Her: "What?"

Me: "Nothing."

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This made me miss my old job teaching high school English. I had many moments like this.

Posted by: Eric at Oct 25, 2013 9:31:26 AM

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