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October 10, 2013

Exciting (for Boston, I guess) Art Project On Boston University Campus

The art project will be one (1) blue-green laser beam between two buildings half a mile apart on the BU campus. It will operate from dusk to dawn tonight through October 13.

One laser. That doesn't move. And doesn't change color. And doesn't have any scientific purpose. And isn't even backed up by a giant sound system. A laser.

Somebody needs to get their boundaries expanded by a trip to Burning Man.

BU Police have a warning about it and they say it will be a red laser. So I guess that could be exciting - looking to see what color it really is. The Boston Art Commission website confirms it will be red. Their description of the project suggests there might be a slight scientific purpose:

[Florian] Dombois typically works with specific places, using maps and topography. His art explores the relationship between art and science – in particular, seismic activity. In this way, scientific experiments take on an artistic character and art becomes a science. During TransCultural Exchange’s Conference, he will shoot a laser, over half a mile (across the Boston University bridge, along I90), between Boston University's new Student Dorm and the Law School. The red laser will measure and project the movement - the geophysical dialog - between the two. uboc No. 1 & stuVi2 will also bring attention to the Conference's theme, "Engaging Minds." The piece will underscore the Conference's aim to help artists not only learn about ways that they can engage with their international peers, but also ways that their work can engage in other fields of discipline.

BU Laser Project
Artist's concept of the art project if it happened in broad daylight.
Pure excitement, eh?

UPDATE: Here's what it looked like - clearly more blue-green than red.
Zapping the Clouds.

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