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August 25, 2013

Waking Up In Reno

On the drive up 395, the smoke from the fires was pretty dense in the Owens Valley/Lone Pine area. By the time I got to Big Pine it was clear. Then it returned as I got near Bridgeport, but it was dark so I couldn't see it. Stuck with me past Carson City where the moon was orange. Here in Reno it's smoky this morning.

There was a "Drivers License Sobriety Checkpoint" in Bridgeport. Instead of pulling over suspect vehicles on the spot, they would pass them through and a law enforcement vehicle would follow them, turn on the lights and pull them over - a block to half a mile later. I filled up with gas just a little ways past the checkpoint and saw them pull over three Burnermobiles this way. I had been behind one of the Burnermobiles before Bridgeport and he was driving his RV with big toy hauler fairly squirrelly: too slow and signaling right turns three times when there was nothing on his right but trees and no shoulder. He finally did an oddly slow left into a cafe, then caught up to me in Bridgeport. On the toy hauler he had taped the message "Hubba Hubba."

I saw two Burnermobiles on the shoulder of 395 just north of Bishop with a highway patrol vehicle between them. One RV, one fifth-wheeler. Off the highway near the fifth-wheel were two camp lounge chairs. I got just a glimpse of the Burner decorations and thought it might be our Steve from Pomona. Most of the RVers in our camp stayed at Mammoth last night and are on their way to Reno as I write this. They reported two breakdowns on the way, but didn't say who. Communication spotty, except George posting Facebook photos of every step of the process.

Didn't see as many Burnermobiles on the way as I usually do, but I'm a day earlier this year. Here at the lovely Hampton Inn Reno it's a different story. My first few years staying here it was mostly empty. Two years ago I wrote on TripAdvisor what a good spot this was for Burners to launch the final leg of their journey into Black Rock City (comfortable, not expensive, secure, safe, very close to a Walmart). Last year there were a couple other Burners. Last night I arrive to a parking lot filled with Burners! People unpacking their crap and repacking their crap in the parking lot. I had to park on the street! The neighborhood's gone to hell and I had to pay $20 more than usual.

I have entertained myself during the drive by alternating between Burning Man electronic music and the audiobook version of Churchill's history of WWII. We are almost up to 1938 and this guy Hitler is turning out to be a very rotten apple.

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FYI I have to meet someone at Jampro Antennas and Pineapple Technology in Sacramento and Lodi on the 27th so I prolly won't get there until Wednesday night.

Posted by: Ednixon at Aug 25, 2013 1:10:31 PM

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