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July 4, 2013

"Lost Control"

On Tuesday night in Sherman Oaks Van Nuys a driver lost control of his 25-foot RV and hit 30 parked cars and several other fixed objects in the general area of his mayhem. The photo of the RV post-mayhem depicts a scene familiar to most Burners. Typically, I see one or two of these on the way home from Burning Man. Here's a photo of what it probably looked like before the accident.

This article says the driver's name is Lawrence Wright, and he is suspected of DUI. No one was injured in the accident and even Wright's 3 pitbulls and chihuahua escaped harm. Electricity in the area was knocked out for about 7 hours. An apartment building that he hit was checked for structural integrity.

This article says it happened at Sepulveda Boulevard and Clark Street in Van Nuys. Wright is facing misdemeanor charges!

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