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June 12, 2013

Photos Of The L.A. World Naked Bike Ride

John at WNBR LA
Photo by John00879, or someone holding John's camera, because that's John in the pumpkin suit. His high quality photos of the Los Angeles World Naked Bike Ride are available here. One is required to observe the usual Flickr procedures in order to see photos depicting nudity. Those are...

  1. Be registered at Flickr. It costs nothing in terms of dollars. They use your Yahoo ID for this. If you don't have one, you will create one for yourself as you register.
  2. Be actually signed in at Flickr. You know, log in.
  3. Have your Flickr SafeSearch set to "off." To do that, go to this page - http://www.flickr.com/account/prefs/safesearch/, click the "SafeSearch off" item and click "Save Changes." You should be all set.
  4. Sometimes a 4th step is necessary. If steps 1 through 3 didn't seem to work for you, here is Step 4: Repeat Steps 1 through 3.

I met John at the spot where we got onto the L.A. River bike path when he asked "Hey, aren't you Ron's Log?" I was in uniform, so how could he miss me.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post has an article and some photos, too. I don't seem to be in any of them. They've cropped and pixelated some of the images.

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