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June 13, 2013

Animal Control Sets A Record

Tonight's meeting of the Public Safety Commission dealt mostly with the budget, and I will try to get a report on that to you before Tuesday's City Council meeting. But with no effort at all I can give you a couple of interesting items from Animal Control that we heard tonight.

One was that in May 176 cats were taken by Animal Control in Desert Hot Springs. That's a record. Most of that was due to a single cat hoarder who moved away, leaving her cats behind. All 9 animal control officers from throughout the Coachella Valley came to assist in capturing the animals. After emptying the residence, humane traps were left to capture any cats that had been away from home while the officers were there. An additional dozen or so cats were caught that way.

In total, about 106 cats were taken from this 2-bedroom, 800 square foot residence on Santa Cruz. They were almost all sick, almost all unsocialized. All but eleven had to be euthanized.

The second item was that today a large, unaltered pitbull went over a 6-foot fence into the neighbor's yard and killed the shih tzu there. Animal Control was on the scene almost instantly. The pitbull's owner was out of town, but Animal Control was able to contact him by phone and get his agreement to have the pitbull euthanized today.

A discussion ensued about a proposed county ordinance that will bring additional regulations to bear on pitbulls. Once the county approves that, the city might consider adopting a similar ordinance.

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