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May 1, 2013

Some Effective Writing

The Iron Monkeys ("We make stuff out of steel, then light it on fire") have announced their 2013 art project for Burning Man: Guardian Of Dawn.

Imagine standing outside on a moonless night in one of the few remaining places on earth from which no lights or signs of civilization are visible. Blanketed in the blackest night, you could remember the fear of chaos and the uncertainty of the dawn. You could remember, too, the tension of the unknown and tap into the superstitious mind that originally created myths and gods, grasping to bring order to the vast world lying before you.

Built with her back to the dawn, the Guardian keeps watch silently during the day, her wings closed, passive in the clarity of the light. With the onset of the darkness she is called to her purpose - wings open, fire beckons, hope maintains through the darkness. Part cargo plane part dragonfly, the Guardian is a mesh of nature and machine, a creation of our human desire to place structure on the unexplainable. Like so many myths that came before her, she is a physical manifestation of the fear and uncertainty inherent in her people, and she offers them what they seek. In this case, she offers hope.

The writing staff at Iron Monkeys has found an effective way to rewrite the standard Burning Man art project proposal: "we're going to light it up at night!"

There is no place at Burning Man where you can experience being "Blanketed in the blackest night." I mean, the place is on fire all night long! Even out at the very edges, next to the trash fence, you know that our law enforcement buddies are using infrared to observe us.

Nonetheless, good writing deserves to be rewarded. Here's their Indiegogo page. They'd like $10,000 please. Explanatory video. The list of rewards for donors begins at about 3:02 and is the best part.

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