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May 5, 2013

Photos From The Jumbo Rocks Campout

North View Trail Pano
Panorama on the North View Trail.

Alien Footprints At Jumbo Rocks (4614)
This is where the aliens climbed the rock on their way back to the rocket ship.

Camp at Jumbo Rocks (4603)
My newest tent - a little two-man model from REI.
It is destined to suffer the trials of Burning Man.

Fallen Joshua Tree (4623)
A fallen Joshua Tree
. As you see, they have no tap root. We saw several live Joshuas down during this campout and on the hike earlier in April. These were probably due to the big windstorms we had in March.

Jumbo Rocks (4611)
Jumbo Rocks campground.

Moonrise at Jumbo Rocks (4626)
Pink moon rise at Jumbo Rocks.

Joshua Tree National Park (4627)

Joshua Tree National Park (4633)

Joshua Tree National Park (4645)

Rock Anteater (4644)
Anteater rock.

Rock Face (4642)
Face on a rock.

Huge Nolina (4636)
The biggest damn nolina I've ever seen, by far!
I had no idea they could reach this tremendous height. Nearby was a huge clump of nolinas that weren't as tall, but much more massive. Obviously, this little area was ideal for nolinas.

The complete set of photos is here.

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