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May 2, 2013

National NRA Convention Kicks Off In Houston

The convention began today in Houston, Texas. And, almost as if rehearsed, a man opened fire with a pistol in Houston's Bush Airport. A Homeland Security Officer ordered the man to drop the gun, but the man turned toward the officer without dropping the gun, so the officer shot him. Simultaneously the man with the gun was able to shoot himself. Very tough guy or on some powerful drugs. The man is dead. No one else was injured.

The deceased also had a Smith & Wesson AR15 assault weapon with a fully loaded magazine, but he never took it out of his suitcase.

The NRA would have us believe this is the ideal situation: a trained, armed bystander (the Homeland Security Officer) takes out the bad guy, whose second amendment rights were protected right up to his very last moment. If only every citizen were armed and trained, then we could all walk around imposing the death penalty instantly on the bad guys and a glorious day would dawn across the land. Or at least the gun manufacturers would make a ton of bucks. All the same to the NRA.

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