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April 16, 2013

Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower (4393)
A cactus in my yard that had never bloomed before.
Had a few of these blooms for a day and none since.

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No, looks like a bug, but it's another flower bud with a couple of cactus quills looking like legs.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Apr 17, 2013 8:13:10 PM

Beautiful, and is that a Pinacate aka Stinkbug, next to the bloom?
Cool picture Ron, never seen one like that,
Russ A

Posted by: Russ A. at Apr 17, 2013 7:20:12 PM

5/16 Ron Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. rc3

Posted by: Richard Cromwell III at Apr 16, 2013 6:19:11 PM

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