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August 24, 2012

It's A Buyer's Market - For Burning Man Tickets

KNSD Channel 7 in San Diego is reporting a glut of Burning Man tickets on the secondary market as virgins suddenly are faced with the reality of hard work in a hot, dusty desert. Woo-hoo! More dust for me!

eBay has 64 listed as I write. There are many where the sellers are asking laughably high prices, but the highest price actually bid is $403.39 + 30.25 shipping.

Craigslist Reno has 222 listings, but some of those are people looking to buy a ticket. There's one asking $800, but there's one who will sell you a ticket for $200 and pick you up along I-80 east of Reno and drive you to the playa for free! He expects to be in Lincoln, Nebraska, tonight (originating in Toronto), so if you are in Des Moines you might be able to catch up to him if you hurry.

Craigslist Los Angeles has 408 listings, and a few of those are seeking a ticket. 49 of those entries were posted today. One is asking only $150.

Sacramento: 49 listings. Several are seeking.

Las Vegas - 61 listings.

Kansas City, Missouri? One ticket. Yes, them Kansas Citians love them their Burning Man and they wouldn't give up their tickets, no sir.

Boston - 6 tickets for sale.

And at the Mother Ship herself? One-thousand listings in the San Francisco Bay area! All those people want to stay and see what the city is like without Burners. One supposed hipster (or is he just hipster-bait?) in Mountain View is offering ten cases of PBR for a ticket (or $150).

Even here in Coachella Valley there are people who are changing their minds. Now here's one who says he bought his ticket in the special sale on August 3, and he will let you have it at a terrible loss - only $150. That was posted on August 17, and I hope you haven't taken him up on it. The tickets sold at the special sale in the first few days of August are not transferable. You pick them up at will-call after sitting for a couple hours in the entrance road. At that point the bargain shopper will be turned around and sent home, burnless.

One from August 13 in Palm Springs asking $409.

But it's Marcos in Indio who's got the best deal. The ticket is only $300 (OBO) and it includes a ride to the Black Rock Desert and back. You'll be riding with his brother and two friends and they leave tomorrow, Saturday, August 25. I assume they'll expect you to share gas. He reposted the deal yesterday, so I think he's an eager seller. You'll probably want to visit with your new travel mates before committing to that trip.

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