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February 14, 2012

Solar Valentine

There was a special Valentine's Day solar installation at the home of Cliff Lavy here in Desert Hot Springs. Info is in the press release below, and here are some photos I took:

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (1814)

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (2831)

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (2836)

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (2841)

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (2826)

Solar Installation at the Residence of Cliff Lavy (2844)

The complete set of photos can be seen here.

The press release:

On Tuesday, February 14th, GRID Alternatives - Inland Empire and our volunteer work crew will be sharing the love of solar energy with Desert Hot Springs resident and community volunteer Cliff Lavy. They will be installing a solar electric system on Lavy's home, at no cost to him. The system will reduce his electricity bill by almost 90%, saving him over $1,200 per year, at the same time providing training to local job trainees and community volunteers seeking hands-on experience in solar installation.

Lavy came to Desert Hot Springs years ago with aspirations of seeing the city become "the new Jewel of the Coachella Valley," and he sees solar energy as one way to get there. "Renewable energy is a great way to take advantage of our natural resources to produce electricity and eliminate toxic emissions from being released into our environment," says Lavy. "It also creates jobs, putting people back to work, which in turn will help our devastated economy,"

Cliff Lavy is very active in his community, donating much of his time by volunteering for the City of Desert Hot Springs Code Enforcement. He anticipates that his new solar electric system will add to his efforts to bring up his community and strengthen the image of Desert Hot Springs as a destination city. He hopes for a ripple effect of increasing property values that will improve his neighborhood as more people take advantage of programs like the one GRID offers.

"I think it's so great that we're able to help Cliff make a difference in his community," says Abby Kuranz, of GRID Inland Empire's outreach team.

And that's exactly what GRID Alternatives is all about. Tim Sears and Erika Mackie, two professional engineers, founded the California-based 501(c)3 non-profit in 2001. Since then, GRID has made a HUGE impact on homeowners' lives, on the environment, and on the developing solar energy workforce in California. In 2008, GRID became the program manager of the statewide SASH Program on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission. This program offers incentives on solar electric systems to qualifying low-income homeowners in the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric territory (SDG&E) service territories. By leveraging grant funds and donations as well as the SASH incentives, GRID Alternatives is able to provide solar energy to low income homeowners at little or no cost to them. To date, GRID has installed over 1,600 systems across the state.

On top of that, GRID is involved in the fight against unemployment in California by trying to promote and train a "GREEN COLLAR" workforce in renewable energy. So far, GRID has trained over 8,000 job trainees and community volunteers in residential solar installation. In the desert, GRID has partnered with the College of the Desert and the Center for Employment Training to train students in Residential Solar Installation. "We're like a teaching hospital for Residential Solar," says Jared McCreary, the Volunteer and Training Associate for GRID IE. Since opening their Inland Empire office in 2011, GRID has installed over 188 systems and trained over 200 community volunteers and job trainees in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, including 30 installations in Desert Hot Springs alone!

So this Valentine's Day, Cliff Lavy gets to be part of what GRID is doing in the IE, joining over a dozen job trainees and community members to install his FREE electric system, with City officials and solar students present to celebrate with him. GRID and Mr. Lavy invite all to come out and share in the Solar Love on Valentine's Day!

For any more information on this installation or on GRID Alternatives, please contact:

Jared McCreary
Volunteer and Training Associate
GRID Alternatives - Inland Empire
O: 951-272-GRID (4743) x7043
F: 909.494.4061

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Yeah, I thought he was sort of the highlight of the scene.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Feb 15, 2012 7:12:52 AM

Thanks for the pic of the woofy redbeard hardhat.

Posted by: Ednixon at Feb 15, 2012 12:15:41 AM

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