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February 7, 2012

Atlanta Beating

I saw the story earlier today on an Atlanta TV station's website about two videos of a supposedly gay man being beaten on the street in Atlanta. Didn't link to it because the TV station had converted the original video so badly that (1) you couldn't hear anything, including the alleged gay slurs; (2) you couldn't see anything but some dark blobs jerking around like there might be a fight going on; and (3) there was no evidence the man they were saying is gay was actually gay. The one who was beaten has not come forward to the police, so there's little to go on.

But those good journalists at The Smoking Gun have done it right. Go there and you will see a clear video including these words: "Jack City - no faggots", "No faggots in Jack City" (4 times), and "No faggots, man."

None of that tells us if the victim is gay or not, nor even whether the perpetrators were beating him for being gay. But it does show you how to properly present a video on the web.

UPDATE: The beating victim has come forward. He's Brandon White and he is gay. So now we've got the facts lined up. Now they just need to get the perpetrators.

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