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November 22, 2011

If You Want To See Real Failure In Government: November 28, North Shore on the Salton Sea

A press release from Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez

Budget Hearing on Salton Sea Restoration

The California Assembly Budget Sub-Committee 3 on Resources & Transportation will be visiting the Coachella Valley on November 28 to hold a state hearing on the topic of Salton Sea Restoration. I would like to invite you to this hearing, which is surely to be an engaging and informative discussion. If you are unable to attend in person, the hearing will be webcast on my website.

Monday, November 28, 2011
1 p.m.
North Shore Community Center
99-155 Sea View Drive, Mecca, CA

A series of panels will address the following issues:

  • Restoration: an overview of the Salton Sea issue and restoration projects;
  • Funding: an accounting of funds used for restoration efforts at the Sea, the balance of funds remaining, and a discussion of future funding needs and options; and
  • Governance: a sharing of perspectives about the state's obligation and role in restoration efforts.

Panelists will include state and local stakeholders, such as the Department of Fish and Game; the Department of Water Resources; the California Natural Resources Agency; the Salton Sea Authority; the Riverside County Board of Supervisors; the Imperial County Board of Supervisors; Coachella Valley Water District; and the Imperial Irrigation District.

For more information on this hearing or any other state legislative issues, please call my district office at (760) 342-8047.


V. Manuel Pérez

You can find the agenda for the meeting on that same page where the webcast will be. 15-minute overview, 15-minute accounting of funds spent on the Salton Sea to date, 15-minute discussion of restoration projects, 30 minutes for local officials, 30 minutes Q & A, 30 minutes for public comment. And then everyone heads outside for the big beer and fried tilapia (fresh caught!) banquet. [I'm lying about that last bit.]

The meeting will be held in the Commodore Room of the Albert Frey designed community center. Show up dressed like a commodore and they'll let you sit in the front row.

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