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January 30, 2011

The Interviewing Skills Of Alfred Lambremont Webre

Imagine that you found a genuine living space-alien from Tau Ceti residing in the United States and the alien (whose name is Jerry) could speak English fluently and was willing to sit down for a video interview. There's no way you could make such an interview dull, tedious and boring, is there? But Mr. Alfred Lambremont Webre found a way to do just that. The interview is in four videos:





I watched about five minutes of the first one and then decided I had something (anything!) better to do. If you watch them all and find anything interesting, do get back to us.

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Thank you Mr Webre for all your great interviews and articles! Whenever I receive an email from Exopolitics I can't wait to go to your site because it is always informative and nearly always has something hopeful in it. You will always have my upmost respect and I honour your work for humanity by passing it on!

With Lots of Love and Blessings!

Posted by: Sylvie at Feb 2, 2011 1:03:32 AM

Mr. Alfred L Webre is absolutly not "dull" and "boring" his inshigt on temas he do best is profesional,than a medioker listner and blogger in this site!! Alfred has my respect for what he is doing to get people to listen..

Posted by: Thor at Feb 1, 2011 4:49:36 PM

Dear Ron - Here is a another unsolicited review of the same interview with Tau Ceti ET Jerry Wills. My advice to you; PHYSICIAN HEAL THYSELF.

In Light, Alfred Lambremont Webre


"Finally, about that interview. While your demeanor and questions paint you as the elicitor of guidance from the interviewee... in truth... it is you who are the guide. I don't think you are fully aware of this (maybe you are, though, which would be just great), but it is you who is showing Mr. Wills a way through his own fear. If you watch him, if you listen to him, you will see and hear soooo many shields, doubts, fears, walls. He makes statements that are terribly harsh when you know that all that is being said is affecting listeners as well as creating in the moment together with the emotions that fuel the vibrations the words are spoken onto as carrier waves. Yes, he also makes some constructive statements (particularly when you direct him right to them). Through your modest means of interview and your genuine interest and concern, you elicit from him his inner truth and his wistfulness. You allow him a place to express himself both in and out of a role he has molded (and which has also been molded for him, and not by ETs) and he took it. I know, you got attracted to him because he has a message you think is valuable for people to hear and to some it will be so. But on top of that -- or underneath it you might say, running like river -- you gave him encouragement. You en-courage-d him... more than either of you knew... and the only way he can let it in very easily. You are a shepherd... even if you're not aware of it. Again, thank you for that, too."

Posted by: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth at Feb 1, 2011 3:23:58 PM

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