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December 1, 2010

"War Tard"

I just got pointed to this blog today because he has some good comments on WikiLeaks.

My favourite leak is that US and UK diplomats are shitting bricks about the current state of Pakistan and the fate of its ever growing nuclear arsenal. Oh really? I've been shitting about that since 2003. It's only a shocking revelation because the media never reports it. So when we find out that diplomats have no idea who controls the nukes there, that 100,000 Pakistani personnel are involved in the nuclear program there and the Taliban captured the Swat valley with collusion from Islamacists in the Pakastani military and government, you know that smuggled chunk of highly enriched uranium is gonna go on the market in some scumbag Albanian dive bar very soon.

That should make you shit bricks.

A US city getting glassed by a nuke in an uninspected ship container freely rolled into a US harbor while the TSA searches your granny's tits for a silicon implant bomb. Talk about security theater... It's a story that should be on the front page of every US newspaper everyday. But it isn't. It took a document dump to the world's media to even be elevated to the point of a news story. If that isn't a total failure of popular journalism then I don't know what is.

And a few days ago he wrote about what a Korean war would look like. He says North Korea's ground forces are using the same obsolete equipment that Iraq had in the first Gulf War. He says they have no infrared or night-vision. He doesn't give his sources. He says they even still have 200 Soviet T-34 tanks which he describes as "those legendary beauties that routed the Wehrmacht at Kursk in '43." According to WikiPedia, they were manufactured up until 1958.

The North Korean air forces are all Vietnam war era, he says. OTOH, they do have artillery. His scenario is that North Korea in one first (and last) strike simply throws everything it has at the city of Seoul. Then it sits back behind its incredible defenses. Eventually the North surrenders, but how the surrender goes down depends a lot on China.

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War Tard is an interesting blog. He does have quite a colorful style of writing.

Posted by: Raymond at Dec 1, 2010 10:39:34 AM

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