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October 14, 2010

Ron's Log Comment Policy

I've always had some kind of policy limiting the comments on this blog. The policy has evolved over time, but I've never laid it out for my readers because I'm the only who needs to know it. Sometimes, though, a commenter comes along who thinks I'm running a public service and becomes ruffled when he or she learns otherwise. So here is an outline of the policy that's been unchanged for about the last year or so:

  1. Comments are welcome and invited.
  2. Except for spam - and I'm the one who decides if it's spam.
  3. No hate speech - I don't provide free soapboxes for Nazis, Klan members, the Westboro Baptist Church, or their ilk. I'm the one who decides who is their ilk.
  4. Anonymous comments are welcome and invited - sometimes the Typepad software may try to get you to be less anonymous, but if you can fib your way through that, it's fine with me.
  5. Flaming, negative, unconstructive comments are acceptable, but not from anonymous commenters. IOW, if you want to leave a comment like this: "U Can not shine a terd!!! DHS is a piece of shit! The leaders for the City and Water District need to all be recalled and some folks like yourself need to take charge!!" then you will need to make yourself identifiable. I'm the one who decides if you are identifiable. Some people leave comments here using only a single initial and I know who they are and that's totally fine. But for most of you, we need some kind of real name and email address if you want to be a jerk.
  6. Anonymous comments that are informative, constructive, or basically anything but flaming negativity are fine. I decide where the line between flaming negativity and acceptability lies.

The Desert Sun is your local outlet for anonymous, flaming, negative attacks. They make money on that. I don't and don't want to. If you don't like this policy, talk to the guy who pays the bills.

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