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July 9, 2010

YouTube Leanback

youtube.com/leanback makes YouTube a bit more like television, in the sense that you can become a couch potato, sit back passively, consume your preferred intoxicatant, and just let the screen take care of itself. It will display video full screen in the highest resolution available. When a video ends, it goes on to the next. They don't say exactly how this "feed" is determined, but it's Google, so I'm sure they are making guesses based on what you've watched before. It's got only five controls: the four cursor buttons and Return. Right and left cursor buttons go to the next or previous video. Up and down give you access to video controls or search. Return does what return does when you have to execute a decision. More info here.

The official uncool YouTube Leanback video. Note the pixelated logo on the laptop. Oooh, what brand could it be?! Observe the happy, fully clothed people drinking coffee in the very neat apartment and having a wonderful time watching YouTube Leanback:

As far as I can determine, if you want to go to the traditional YouTube page for a particular video, there is no way to do that, other than reading and remembering the author and title, opening YouTube and searching.

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