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April 23, 2010

This Morning's Sermonette

Pastor Anderson enlightens us via YouTube. [Here is a search of the KJV Bible that confirms his count of 6.] He preaches at the Faithful Word Baptist Church which is just over in Tempe, Arizona!

Here Pastor Anderson explains why the King James Bible is THE revealed word of God. His reasoning is lifted right out of the Koran, although he doesn't say that. In the Koran, God says that the Hebrew Bible was for the Hebrews and his new (at the time) Arabic revelation is for those who speak Arabic. Pastor Anderson:

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the nation God was using the most was the nation of England. Over time, the United States of America picked up the torch of the gospel and has been used by God unlike any other nation. The United States has mightily been used by God to take the gospel to the world. English has also become the universal second language of the world. In God’s foresight, he supplied the English-speaking people with a perfect preservation of his word, the King James Bible.

Woe be to those who do not understand Early Modern English, for they are condemned forever to read the corrupted word of God. It would seem, then, that missionary work would have two goals of equal priority: conversion to Christianity and the teaching of Early Modern English - which shouldn't be difficult. You've got all of Shakespeare to use as reading material.

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