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March 10, 2010

LADWP Officially Cancels Green Path North

Mark Sedlacek (1999)
Mark Sedlacek, LADWP Director of Environmental Services

At a press conference in Yucca Valley today, Mark Sedlacek announced that LADWP is ending its drive to build the Green Path North power lines from Desert Hot Springs through the high desert.

Listen to his remarks here. I've edited out three ovations to keep it down to only 44 seconds.

Thank you, my name is Mark Sedlacek from L.A. Light and Power. David Freeman was planning to be here today but other commitments came up at the last minute that kept him in the L.A. area. So, on behalf of David Freeman I want to let everyone know how much we appreciate your input and your patience over the last three years. As of today, we have submitted two letters to the Bureau of Land Management and one to the U.S. Forest Service to withdraw the right of way grant application.

Just in closing, we do remain committed to renewable energy elements. We'd also like to mention that at this point LADWP is recommending that the mayor and city council [of Los Angeles, one presumes] support Senator Feinstein's Desert Protection Act.

I have copies of the letters for you.

UPDATE: The L.A. Times story about the announcement.

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The Hi-Desert Star has a good story on the whole press conference.

Posted by: Ron's Log at Mar 13, 2010 7:00:50 AM

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