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March 9, 2010

Hike to Darwin Falls

Hike To Darwin Falls (5084)

Hike To Darwin Falls (5083)

The two photos above show part of the public water supply for Panamint Springs Resort. Some water districts will tell you they need bond issues for millions of dollars to construct a proper water supply system, but that's just hoo-haw. Obviously, one WWII veteran or an old miner with a truck and access to a Home Depot (and maybe a six-pack or two) can construct a perfectly fine water delivery system, even in seismically active regions. In an urban area, each resident could keep a few repair supplies on hand to make quick fixes if a leak is spotted.

Darwin Falls (5099)

Darwin Falls (5108)

Hike To Darwin Falls (5102)

More photos of the hike to Darwin Falls here.

Google map of Darwin Falls.

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