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March 9, 2010

Highways In and Near Death Valley

Route 190 (4539)
Route 190 in Death Valley itself, heading to Stovepipe Wells.

Trona Road (4253)
Trona Road, south of Trona.

Trona Wildrose Road (4330)
Trona Wildrose Road in Panamint Valley.

Entering Panamint Valley (4324)
The Trona Wildrose Road crests just north of Trona and all of the Panamint Valley is revealed in one great sweep.

Route 190 - Cyclists Coming Up From Panamint Valley (5072)
Cyclists heading east on 190 from Panamint Valley, ascending the great climb before the even greater descent into Death Valley.

Route 190 (4334)
Looking east on 190 in Panamint Valley.
This was my first time entering Death Valley on this route, and it is by far the most beautiful and dramatic route to take into the park.

More photos from my trip to Death Valley.

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