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December 28, 2009

Oh, you mean THAT Dell laptop and Emerson flat screen TV

Let's imagine you are a fine, upstanding resident of Desert Hot Springs (of course you are!) and as you are out in your yard replacing the turf with something xeriscapish, an acquaintance drives up and says he and his family are moving back to Beverly Hills because DHS is just too beautiful for them. But he doesn't quite have room in his pickup truck for a Dell laptop and Emerson flat screen TV, so he asks you if you'd help him out by taking them off his hands and give him just a few bucks in return. You, always the helpful one, agree.

A couple weeks later the DHS police are knocking at your door. They ask if you have recently acquired a used Dell laptop and Emerson flat screen TV. Do you answer...

  1. "Nope. Not me. Nothing like that here," or
  2. "Why yes, officers. Here are those very things you are asking for. John Doe sold them to me just two weeks ago, that rapscallion! Here is his address in Beverly Hills."

If your answer was "A" then you get to wear the honorary orange t-shirt, because those officers at the door have a surprise search warrant for you!
Mauro R. Rodriguez
Mauro R. Rodriguez, Jr.



INCIDENT: Man Arrested with Stolen TV and Laptop Inside his Residence

DATE/TIME OF ARREST: Dec. 23, 2009, 11:00 AM


SUSPECT: RODRIGUEZ, MAURO RODNEY, JR.; 1-7-84, 5-9, 200 lbs. Black hair, Brown eyes; Address: 66730 Flora, DHS; Unemployed


On Dec. 9, DHS officers received a call of a burglary in progress on the 67900 block of Nicole Ct. When they arrived, witnesses told them a male subject was seen running from the residence just a short time prior. Investigation at the scene showed a suspect tried to pry the front door open. Unsuccessful at that, he kicked the door in. Once inside, he stole a flat screen tv and a laptop—among other items.

On Dec. 23, detectives, acting on information received during the investigation, served a search warrant at 66730 Flora. They were met at the front door by Mauro Rodriguez, who denied possessing the stolen property. Detectives produced the search warrant and went inside. The stolen Dell laptop was sitting on a couch in the living room. The stolen Emerson flat screen TV was found in a child's bedroom. These two items were valued at $2,150.

Rodriguez admitted knowing the items were stolen, saying he bought them. He used that as his rationale for refusing to tell detectives who he got them from. We are still investigating as to whether or not he is the one who stole these items in the first place.

Advice: If someone offers to sell you something, the price of which is too good to be true, it's likely stolen—and if we later find you in possession of that item under suspicious circumstances, you will likely be arrested.

Rodriguez was booked into the Banning jail. He has since been released pending court.


Any information regarding this press release should be directed to Desert Hot Springs Police Sergeant Dan Bressler at 760.329.6411 x315.

Dispatch Tel: 760.329.2904

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that's a usefull article , thank you admin :)

Posted by: at Jan 2, 2018 1:22:47 AM

this article could really help me stop my laptop or any thing to get stolen.

Posted by: at Jan 25, 2010 12:01:47 AM

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