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October 23, 2009

Straightening Out A Few More Facts

Right next to the photos of Rick Daniels in the Russell Betts campaign brochure is a box entitled "A note on Green Path North" where it says "In July 2008, when word came out that high voltage power lines proposed by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power were going to run behind our homes and through sensitive environmental lands, Russ recognized it was serious."

Actually, word had been out about Green Path North long before July 2008. Here's my first posting on it in April 2007, linking to the first L.A. Times story about it. The first big public meeting against Green Path North came in October 2007. Here's my write up on that meeting. Russell Betts wasn't there.

But he did show up at the July 19, 2008, meeting where he was one of the public commenters. This meeting was larger than the October meeting, and it included TV cameras.

After that Mr. Betts organized the Coachella Valley Coalition which was instrumental in getting every resolution-passing body in the valley to issue resolutions in opposition to Green Path North. And those resolutions have been very important to get LADWP to halt or re-think (or whatever they're doing now) their plans.

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