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June 14, 2009

Unusual AIDS LifeCycle Videos

SmileHero1 (real name "tony") rode AIDS LifeCyle 8, his (or her) first one, and did so with a camera attached to the back of his (or her) bicycle with a timed shutter release - once every six or seconds or so, I think. There are a few larger time gaps which are due to (I would guess) dead battery or camera malfunction. He (or she) then merged all those still photos into videos covering each day's entire ride. The resulting jerkiness may give you a headache, and I think I'd enjoy it more (as a former rider myself) if the camera had been facing forward, but then you'd see a lot more butts and a lot fewer faces. These bring back a lot of memories, and are a great way see California while sitting down at home.

His (or her) own website for this is at Smilehero.org. To get to each day's video you select from the little pulldown menu in the upper right corner that says "--select the date--." On that site you can type in the time of day to get a higher res frame, and you can request an even higher res image be emailed to you without the time-stamp on it.

Day 1 to Santa Cruz scampers by in only 9 minutes, 53 seconds!

Day 2 to King City - 8:41. On Day 2 the other riders have figured out what's going on and start hamming for the camera. This day includes the artichoke stop.

Day 3 to Paso Robles - everybody's going faster so it's only 6:35. The sun comes out. Quad Buster is this day.

Day 4 - no video - "had some issues," it says.

Day 5 - Santa Maria to Lompoc, Red Dress Day, 8:39. Most of this video was shot standing alongside the road, but there's a couple minutes of on-road video at the end.

Day 6 - rain - no video.

Day 7 - Ventura to Los Angeles, 7:52.

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