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February 27, 2009

Someone Has Found A Silver Lining

An L.A. Times story about "prison consultants," ex-cons who, for a fee, prepare white collar convicts for their first visit to the slammer. These consultants are expecting an upturn in business as the economy goes to hell and uncovers more Ponzi schemes and scams.

Lesson number 1 is that nobody in prison ever heard of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Stay with your own race. Don't use the phone of a person of another race. Don't play cards with people of another race." Maybe Lesson 1A is what to do if you're of mixed race.

It all makes sense in the United States, which has made itself the most imprisoned nation on earth.

Larry Levine, the focus of the article, said he made $100,000 from 40 clients last year. That's an average of $2.500 each. He doesn't deal with child molesters, but gives them this advice: "Pray. You're going to get beat up every day you're in there."

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