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December 9, 2008

Prop 8 Boycott Fallout

There's been some boycotting of El Coyote Mexican food restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles because a manager there donated $100 to the Yes On 8 campaign. Now she is considering resigning her position. There is some discussion on the subject here.

Yesterday on KCRW's The Business (a really good program, BTW) host Claude Brodesser-Akner went on an unplanned rant about a possible "Pink List" that he compared to the anti-Communist Black List of the 1950s. This was in response to the resignation of Richard Raddon from the L.A. Film Festival. Raddon had donated $1,500 to the Yes On 8 campaign.

Today KCRW released this information that KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour is apologizing and calling the rant "unacceptable." She says that KCRW management alone has the prerogative of taking an editorial position and that Brodesser-Akner's analogy to the Black List was not valid.

Indeed. Those who were blacklisted were not given the free choice to resign or not, they simply didn't get work.

A couple of things need to be clarified (for some people) about this issue.

Prop 8 was not just another issue on the ballot like whether we should finance high-speed rail or not. It was not like choosing between Presidential candidates who agree on 90% of the basics. It was not like voting to approve or disapprove a sales tax increment. All of those are examples of choosing a position in the great gray area of American politics.

Prop 8 was unique; certainly unique in California, and probably unique in the United States. It was a vote to take away some fundamental rights from just one group of people. Some people think that those who favor equal rights should simply quietly accept a 52-48 vote to deny rights, and go back to their tea and cakes. Nuts to that! When has it ever been the American way to simply accept a loss of equal rights quietly? When has that ever happened? It's true that some Japanese-Americans went along cooperatively to the internment camps during World War II, but I hardly think that even the Yes On 8 people would hold that up as a shining moment in American history.

I fear the possibility of triggering Godwin's Law, but would those Yes On 8 people who want the Prop 8 opponents to sit down and shut up give me their opinion as to just when the Jews in Germany should have sat down and shut up in the face of what was (at the time) their popular and legal loss of rights.

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