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December 8, 2008

Andrew Sullivan on Blogging

Keith Matheny suggests Andrew Sullivan's article in The Atlantic which he has titled "Why I Blog" but uses a lot of space to tell us what blogs are or ought to be. But he does conclude optimistically:

In fact, for all the intense gloom surrounding the news-paper and magazine business, this is actually a golden era for journalism. The blogosphere has added a whole new idiom to the act of writing and has introduced an entirely new generation to nonfiction. It has enabled writers to write out loud in ways never seen or understood before. And yet it has exposed a hunger and need for traditional writing that, in the age of television’s dominance, had seemed on the wane.

Words, of all sorts, have never seemed so now.

The Tribune Company, owner of the L.A. Times, filed for bankruptcy today.

My first weblog posting is still available if you go here and scroll to the bottom. (I didn't create permalinks for every posting then.) It was a dig at Microsoft.

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