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September 16, 2008

Nude Beach Camp

In my wanderings around Black Rock City, strangers would occasionally mention to me that there was a camp calling itself "Nude Beach" out on K street that I might want to check out. Walking around naked gets you invited to all the best places. So late one afternoon I headed out there to see if I could find them. Not only did I find them, but I quickly learned that Doug (link to naked photo), one of the campers, was from the Riverside area and was great friends with Jeff and Judy at Living Waters Spa in DHS! What a very small playa it is!

I hung out for a while with them, drinking their beer and watching the sun go down. They gave out these buttons:
Black Rock City Nude Beach Button

Not until I got home and began editing my photos did I notice how many people on the World Naked Bike Ride were wearing one of these buttons. They must have been handing them out like potato chips. Here are a couple more photos:
Nude Beach Camp (1109)
American Dream pants.

Nude Beach Camp (1117)
The man on the bike was visiting from Hungary and was hilarious.
His story went something like this:

"You know, you think you are free here, but you are not free here. You are not free even here at Burning Man. I went to eat my girl friend's pussy on top of the Babylon tower and they told me I could not do that. We sat on a bench in front of the DMV and I started to eat my girl friend's pussy and they came out and told me to stop that. And then I was in one of the dance clubs eating my girl friend's pussy and they told me I had ten seconds to get out of the place. This is not freedom. Let me tell you, my friend, if you want to know what kind of freedom you are supposed to have, just take a look at this."

At that point he slid a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution out of his pocket. I howled with delight. I'd met a genuine bike-riding Hungarian libertarian on the playa. I asked him if he had read the 14th amendment, and he said he wasn't sure. I told him to to make sure to read it, as that was the best part.

All my Nude Beach Camp photos are here. There are only six.

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Here's the correct link for those Nude Beach Camp photos.

Posted by: Ron at Jul 6, 2021 7:18:53 PM

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