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August 8, 2008

Nahai Backs Down

That is David Nahai of the LADWP, but he didn't back down from Green Path North, rather from a more mundane issue: a previously secret pension boost for Raman Raj, the LADWP's chief operating officer. It seems that when Nahai brought Raj back on board last December he promised "a $152,000 pension boost." I haven't lived in California long enough to know exactly what "a $152,000 pension boost" means. Does it mean that when he leaves his annual pension will be $152,000 higher per year? Or will $152,000 be amortized over his expected life? Or does it mean the LADWP just promised to throw $152,000 more into CALPERS and Raj will get the benefit of that, however it gets calculated out?

In any case, Nahai promised it, didn't take it to the board, and the shit hit the fan when City Controller Laura Chick (the heroine of this story) got a bill for $76,000 for 3 years of pension payments. "Chick declined to pay the bill, saying she did not understand the rationale." Her office demanded a full vote by the LADWP Board. The Board voted on Tuesday (the L.A. Times does not report the results of that vote, apparently adopting the style of The Desert Sun) but in response Nahai withdrew the pension deal saying "Questions have arisen regarding the advisability of this matter and how it may be perceived. We wish to be sensitive to these concerns and responsive to them and have therefore decided to withdraw this request for retirement benefits altogether."

There ya go. Nahai seems to be a fine and fair administrator so long as he works in the bright light of day.

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I would like to believe this guy, but he continues to be sleezy.

Regarding Green Path North (GPN), he said that conservation would not reduce electricity consumption significantly so the GPN is needed. I would like to know what his monthly electrical consumption and bill is. Mine is typically under 300 KWh consumption at about $35/month.

Since his water consumption was reported on TV as 36,000 gallons per month and my household consumption is about 2,400 gallons per month (yes 1/15th of his) he and LA residents can probably conserve more than what GPN could supply.

Posted by: Bill Souder at Aug 11, 2008 5:49:04 PM

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