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August 13, 2008


I usually don't bother to correct people when they refer to this is "Ron's Blog," but I'm going to have to be stricter in the future. There is a Ron's Blog (or more correctly, "roN's Blog") written by a 15-year old Aaron whose writing style varies pretty widely. Monday's entry:

Cool or Pity?
Today,I don't know what is going on and guess what?
I was picked as class monitor and I don't really wanna be, but teacher is explain and said til so good to be a monitor, I'm like what are you talking about? Is like after every math equation, she keep turning to me and said teacher give you chance because teacher trust you and surely you are good and whatever~~all my brothers kept shouting my name, like fighting and one of them even worst because I asked some of them to attend our IGNITE youth service this coming Saturday and the Muka Head so he said if you be the monitor I will go. Wah!! =.=

after school, I went back to my grandmother's house and I started to study, suddenly the table corrupted, mean no table for me to study, okay fine I used bed, even worst by using that, I slept til Chiaming called me. Ended up, I'm here blogging my grandmother story.

Monday~~~~~~~~will be a good day =)

BTW, for those who express some occasional difficulty finding Ron's Log it comes up as the top two hits whether you Google Ron's Log or "Ron's Log" with quotes.

The third hit is my old weblog. The fourth and fifth hits are my Flickr and Ipernity sites, respectively. So if you're not finding Ron's Log, you're spelling it wrong. If you drop the apostrophe, Google suggests it. If you run it all together as "ronslog" I still come up as the first two hits. If you're using something other than Google to search, then God help you, you're on your own.

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