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July 19, 2008

Really, Really Bad Real Estate Photography

It's LovelyI I'll Take It! is a weblog highlighting absolutely horrid real estate photos. These must come mostly from sell-it-yourself real estate sites. I had no idea people would put such crap out there when asking outrageous prices for unsightly homes. Only one quick example. See what I mean?

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The flaw in the analogy to the naked hikes is that when we do a naked hike, the hike and the hikers are the central thing. The Mecca Hills (or wherever) are simply a beautiful backdrop. If I were trying to document the geography of the Mecca Hills I wouldn't have a bunch of naked guys line up in front of it. In the case of real estate, the strange people inhabiting some of the photos are not, I assume, included in the sale.

Now, if the seller wants to make it clear that the piece of real estate will be sold "as is" with dirty dishes, rodents and last weeks trash, then it's great they're being so honest. I wonder why in their zeal to be honest, it doesn't occur to them that we might want to be able to see the actual countertop rather than the trash covering it.

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On the other hand we could also look at these photos as a refreshing change from sleazy sales tactics. They are presenting homes as they are, bare ass, in their natural beauty, untouched, like photos of nude hikes. The need for tactics are not there, just simple presentation of the home as it is, take it or leave it. The blog is really stupid. One of the links goes to Craigslist, and steals (permission from owner assumed not to have been granted) the the photo of "grandpa", posts it on their site, and mocks of him being in the picture. It is rude. If you go to the link you see two very flattering photos of the outside of the home, and two not so flattering photos of what it looks like inside. These photos give the online visitor and potential buyer a real perspective. Showing a home for sale in the buff should never be mocked except by children.

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